Hi, I'm Michelle Sparta.

I'm a featured photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada. My 4-year-old, Anthony, blesses me with motherhood every day. I've been making out with my husband & high school sweetheart, Kyler, for 8 years, & I'm a fur mama to 2 kitties and GSD named Harley.

I pursued this spontaneous adventure of living a photographer's life after school and other jobs weren't fulfilling my creative needs. I'm a creative & spontaneous individual who loves betting on dreams. Being able to meet new friends, tell new stories, experience new adventures & have creative freedom - was the only motivation I needed to get it started, & my dream has blossomed from there.

When I'm not working - I enjoy sitting outside with my planner and coffee watching my birdhouse. You can catch me spending massive amounts of time with my kiddo and pets. Loving on my hubby while watching our favorite shows is one of my MUST DO's every day. My therapies include cooking new meals or doing up my hair and makeup while listening to murder mysteries on youtube. My favorite pastime is hosting get-togethers with my friends and family and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, traveling at least a couple of times a year to experience new places.... and fooood ;)

If you've made it this far - you're a champ and I owe you a cupcake! (not even joking). But seriously, thank you for taking the time to get to know me! :) If you have decided that I may not be your cup of tea - that is totally okay! I wish you luck in finding the perfect photographer for you - and just know you have already made the first step in finding that person (so this wasn't a total waste of time). Feel free to contact me and I would be MORE than happy to send over a referral list :)

If you think we are a perfect fit for documenting your adventures, then WELCOME TO THE DSM FAM - and know that I can't wait to hear from you, walk you through the process, plan out the details, and take care of you from beginning to end!

Can't wait to chit chat with you soon - Michelle :)


“Michelle captured it!
I'm so pleased with her work, she is so real and personable, and sooooo sweet. Our shoot was more than I could've imagined, and the reveal was great, my prints are beautiful and high quality.”

“I did a self love shoot with her in March for the first time and she made me feel so comfortable. She was very informative about everything I had questions about. She made me feel beautiful and gave me a confidence boost I still have! Any photos you need done, I'll recommend her every time.”

“Michelle is such a kind hearted person. She made me feel beautiful again after having my son! I got my hair and makeup done and was treated like a princess. I will definitely be coming back to get more pictures!”

Are we the perfect fit ?

Golden Hour

My favorite time to shoot is during that breathtaking time, where the sun sets behind you, and amplifies the beauty of the atmosphere around where we are shooting. The warmth and the glow of the sky lights up and ignites every emotion and moment you endure during this time together.

Real Emotions

I'm very honest when it comes to the type of experiences I deliver. My style is authentic, real, and very raw. Sure, pretty pictures are nice, but I love, cherish, and remember beautiful moments and stories more. I prepare for an experience using prompts and advise posing from person to person, and sometimes - I even let ya just do your thing! No matter what, we are going to capture an unforgettable, beautiful, and raw adventure for you to include in your life story.

Heirloom Art

Let's talk art! The thread that binds this entire experience together is what we customize, create, and build just for you to bring home. You don't want to envision, plan, and invest in capturing this part of your story, just to have nothing to show for it right ?! You deserve more than a digital image (that may get lost in cyberspace forever or a lab that says they are professional, but prints out your images green) for the time and effort you invest into this experience. That's why I enjoy being able to provide unique heirloom products from ALL OVER THE WORLD for you to showcase and tell your story through. I'm the professional you are investing in to work, create, and provide excellent service for you and your family - and that's what I'm going to do.