Perfect for Families, Couples, Newborns, Seniors, Branding, & more
- Consultation (optional)
- 60 Minutes of Professional Portrait Coverage -
- 10 Hi-Res Digital Images
- Location of Choice
- Online Gallery & Print Release
- $100 Heirloom Credit



Perfect for Women & Intimate Couples
- Consultation
- 90 Minutes of Professional Portrait Coverage
- 10 Hi-Res Digital Images
- Studio Access or Location of Choice
- Professional Hair & Makeup
- Online Gallery, Print Release, & $100 Heirloom Credit


Couples & Elopements

Perfect for Engagements & Elopements

Engagements start at $150

Elopements start at $800
* Contact us for more information - Payment Plans are available *

$150 | $800


What is a Casual Experience?

A casual experience is one that is relaxed. Our casual experiences are great for families, couples, newborns, children, seniors, maternity, etc. These are not stylized sessions that include loads of planning, glitz and glam, etc. These are much more natural and free willed. Time for you to enjoy spending with your loved ones, doing things you love.

Do you photograph pets?

I do allow pets at sessions so long as you are able to keep control of them to a point. I always recommend visualizing your session with your fur babies first, and keeping in mind that some images we may not be able to get with them as you will need to be more hands on and focused on them.

What if I can't meet for a consultation, and what is a consultation used for exactly?

I offer a consultation for every experience so that we have a chance to meet and plan out your experience before the day of shooting. It's a good time to enjoy some coffee, a treat, and allows me to answer any questions that you may have regarding planning for your session experience. If for any reason we can't meet for a consultation, I do have an alternate way and can email over a questionnaire to help prep instead.

What kind of gear do you use?

I keep on hand my Nikon 7200 with two prime lenses - one is a 35mm and the other is a 50mm. I also keep spare sd cards, batteries, Off Camera Flash equipment, and more.

Do I have to order prints or products through you?

You may choose to opt out of the heirloom products that I offer, and will receive a print release with your session so that you may print your images on your own. Printing on your own does not allow me to contact labs or prep images for printing ahead of time, so just keep that in mind if you do choose to go through a lab on your own.

Are there any types of session experiences that you don't offer?

Yes. I don't offer posed in-studio newborns, births, or deployment homecomings as my schedule does not allow for it, nor does my educational and safety background for posed newborns. However, I have a list of Professional Photographers I would be more than happy to refer you to.

Do you have a studio?

I have an in-home studio room that I use for casual sessions with kiddos, casual newborns, couples, and boudoir.

Is there a payment plan you offer?

ABSOLUTELY! I know that portraits can be an investment. Been there done that. I understand. However, I also know that time doesn't stop for anyone or anything, which is why I actually ENCOURAGE my clients to utilize our payment plan option for session experiences and products. You can even order your products and receive them on time rather than waiting months if you choose to use our payment plan. You may contact me for more information or any questions and concerns you may have :)

How do I book a session?

Once you have determined we're the perfect fit, you can contact me through the contact page or through email at . I will send over a booking form with all of the packages, pricing, and information for you to view, fill out, sign, and submit. There will be a 50% non-refundable reservation fee due upon booking your session experience date. This fee is used towards the session fee and is not extra. The remaining total is due 72 hours prior to your session. No sessions are booked until the Contract and Model Release form are signed, and the Reservation Fee is paid. Payment Plan Options are available!!!

Are you a legally registered business?

Just Kidding!
I sure am! I am a legally registered business owner and have documents to prove it if you ever need to be sure! :) I can assure you, you are in good hands!

What if weather isn't permitting?

Gotta thank good ole' Tennessee for being bi-polar with the weather. Luckily, I always gotcha covered, one way or another. If the forecast says it will rain - I will always wait until around noon before I decide to reschedule a session. If your session is indoors the day of and it's raining, I will reschedule for better lighting. This is so I can be absolutely sure you are delivered promised quality that you invest in. I don't offer refunds on any sessions, but if we miss an important date (maternity, etc.) I always offer you a chance to use your session for another type of given session.
If you have a wedding and it rains - we will handle it! I always have a back up photographer to help as well!

What is the turnaround time ?

All galleries are retouched within 14 Business Days (Mon-Fri) and you will hear from me within that time to schedule your reveal and ordering session as well.

I also post sneak peeks (only if given permission through our model release) within 1-2 days after your session to view :)

What should we wear? I'm not photogenic! My husband doesn't smile! My kiddos are CRAZY! I've got a mom bod and stretchmarks!!!

Let me give you a hug!!!! Breathe in and out....
Okay. Here's the thing. Your session is going to go PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.
We are not fortune tellers BUT I am a professional. Professional Storyteller, Professional Mom (you can snicker, I am to), Professional Human (that makes both of us! or three of us! Triple Threat!) Professional Outfit Picker Outter - but really, seriously.

Your family is perfect just the way they are! Dad has a hard time smiling? it's a good thing you know him the best, it's a good thing your kiddos have character! (these photos would be boring), it's a good thing you all have emotion because that's the only way stories are told, experienced, and passed down to bring smiles decades later!

You are incredible, because there is only ONE OF YOU! Talk about diamond in the rough, being photogenic was literally given to you at birth by just being YOU! Your family and friends LOVE everything about you, which means you are full of emotion, beauty, madness, and the best things we need to capture and tell a great story! You see what I'm getting at here? We're not taking photos here, no no - we save that for the phones. We are capturing moments and telling STORIES! So you will be PERFECT for this.

Don't get me started on the mom bod and stretch marks because we all have something we don't love about ourselves, but that's the thing we ALL do! So let's do what those quotes say and FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES so they outshine those things we may not love. I will focus on the things you love about yourself so you can see just how great you are through the world's eyes!

But wait there's more!
Here is the short answer:
I also have a Welcome Guide I send out that includes Locations, Outfit Examples, Tips and Tricks, and a checklist of things to bring, timeline of what you can expect, and my phone number in case you need me for ANY reason. So don't worry, I've got your back and you can depend on me to make sure you have a great experience and laugh :)

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